recently unearthed copies of the Spiderman tape from the 1st and only pressing in 2013.
"Spider Man flips the Ground Zero HC pedigree on its head and comes from a completely different place. This is not, unlike so many other local 'side-bands', a noise project nor is it punk. Musically, this is closer to the theme from Knight Rider than it is to Night Rider More Than Fight. Drum machine beats, synths, some stray samples. This demo was culled from two recording sessions, that actually vary in approach. "Spiderman 1-6", the bulk of the tape is synthetic music, sometimes in the form of a doomy 80s horror soundtrack, sometimes with canned raver beats. Between songs are a couple of movie samples (the only words spoken/sung on the tape) and a classic Crazy Spirit-style old-timey 78-played on-33 soundbite. I could live without the techno/dance tracks but there are some interesting sounds in there. "Spiderman 1A", the final track, was recorded a couple of months later and is a very different track. It comes in layers: a simple drum beat (an analog sample or better machinated drum part); a quick, catchy, repetitive guitar part or two; some white noise (wind/waves?). The Casio and its plastic sounds are either gone or kept at hand and the overall feel is much more organic. It is a moody, awesome instrumental track and I'd be totally on board for another full tape in this style. (Dave Hyde- Terminal Boredom)