Tombly Under Fire


Tombly Under Fire
by Jared Jones
136 page anthology of one year of the poutiest pooch ever published.

“Hilarious and irreverent, as we’ve come to expect from Papertown Company, this Tombly comic is a tonic for our times. I’m not sure if I saw more of my dog or myself in Tombly’s adventures.” –Stuart Schrader, author of Badges Without Borders: How Global Counterinsurgency Transformed American Policing.

“Whether it's mice, or bees, or mice carrying bees, or mice air traffic controlling a swarm of bees, or just the plain monotony of eating dog food day after day, this cantankerous canine can't catch a break...and he wouldn't have it any other way! Crumbling, contorting, and head coming uncoiled, only to end up in the same exact place over and over again, Tombly unfolds in deceptively crude cartoons, in cascading jokes and non-jokes, in comics that seethe with Boomer rage and fear and paranoia that is pitiful and cute and terrifying.” -Jason Lee, author and artist of Nothing Left To Learn.

“...This kind of strip doesn’t exist anymore. Those that remember them might, from muscle memory, flip to the back of the newspaper searching for the funny pages - but some pointless ad campaign appears in its place. Instead, you can now grab a copy of “Tombly … under fire” and fill that void with “splats” and “youch-es”.
- Milah Libin, Editor in Chief Dizzy Magazine.