Tim and the Boys- Growing LP

Image of Tim and the Boys- Growing LP


Sydney Australia contemporary punk's take on Devo via Black Randy, weirdo drum machine stuff.
Tim & The Boys’ 'Growing' is a constant bait and switch. Songs swing from the satirical to the accusatory and back again, hook-laden intros blur into pointed aggressions, and honest sentiments soon reveal themselves as comedic slights.
It’s a record that lives and dies on dichotomies and double guessing. The grunted question of “Do you wanna have fun with me?” soon gives way to the laughing retraction of, “I’m not that kinda guy!” The suggestive query of “Do you get off on weakness?” is countered by, “Do you come on too strong?” And just when you think you have them pinned down, you come to realise that even naming their first record ‘growing’ is a juvenile double entendre.
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