Slender- Walled Garden EP (BACK IN STOCK)

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Debut EP from Slender.
Highlight of the recent batch of LVEUM releases, a welcome splutter of odd, itchy, self-loathing DIY/art-punk from New York (fancy that). Six songs wedged onto a 7", hurray for good value. The label say Snipers on Crass, Warsaw and Swell Maps, and you'd have to say there's a whiff of Siltbreeze in there too - the recording is just so (it's hard to imagine what this band would gain, or lose, live). The needlepoint riffage threading the whole thing together is a joy, especially on shut-in's lament 'Anxiety' ("I have no legs...") and the derelict dream-pop of 'There She Goes' (more Blue Nun than Flying Nun), and the determination to keep everything stripped-down to the point of total emaciation is to be applauded (sounds like no amp was turned above 2 in the making of this EP). Highly recommended. -Low Company

"...As if cast under a fog or rendered under a dim light, music that is treated with low standards of fidelity gives listeners more space for this sort of pre-conscious interpretation. While a well-rehearsed and technically virtuous band may benefit from a clearer recording that — in its clarity — will display just how well-rehearsed they are, a sloppier band will often sound best if their performance is delicately masked: their loose ends will be unified under a cloud of noise, their mistakes can be smudged over or lost altogether. Too often, lo-fi acts are dismissively accused of forging authenticity or tastelessly appealing to an audience’s shared sense of nostalgia. While I will concede that this is often at play, many recordings considered to be low in quality can thank the interpretive space left by poor representation for the very success of their persuasive affect. The less information our ears receive, the more leeway our pre-conscious mind is given to make sense of the world that has been handed us. In a time and place where even affordable equipment and software is capable of clear, accurate renderings, I often hear recordings that (it seems painfully obvious to me) could have benefited from some smudging.

Slender’s debut record Walled Garden takes the persuasive capacity of economical recording to an extreme. Through the subtle, static manipulation — and seemingly careless application — of reverb, compression, distortion, feedback, room noise, and instrumental noise, a listener’s attention is drawn to the recording’s surface, uninterrupted by the music’s steady, reliable exchange. An ordinary producer must mix tediously to convince a listener of a single originating event in the studio and its immediate, accurate capture. Walled Garden provokes a much subtler, more convincing document of a non-event in a non-space. Within these few simple songs, a number of unobtrusive, disembodied sounds bubble and rise to the top. Artifacts can’t be placed but created an ambiance that is all too familiar. By leaning toward the mundane, a minor yet affecting transformation takes place. As the best recordings do, Walled Garden goes beyond music. Consider a cloud obstructing the sun from a well-lit loft on a quiet afternoon; it is simply one moment."- Tiny Mix Tapes

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