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BARCELONA - Pueden Ser Ellos 7" SOLD OUT
-PRISION POSTUMO-SICK catchy hardcore punk from Santa Ana California, members of Tozcos. Strong classic Spanish hardcore sound. highly recommended.
-Verdugo 07 MMM-024
IDIOTA CIVILIZZATO - LA VITA SILENZIOSA 7"- Debut 7" EP from this new hardcore band based in Berlin, but with members from Italy, Mallorca and Australia (including people from DIAT and ORDEN MUNDIAL). IDIOTA CIVILIZZATO are here with the answer to the little asked question "What would Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers be like if they grew up in the American midwest?". Hardcore punk being played because it's all that they know how to do and sounding like their lives depend on it.
BRANDOS ISLAND "Liquid Soul" 7"
EXOTICA- Musique Exotique 7"